KNX Partners

The rising cost of energy together with a more careful use of energy have moved up on society's agenda and thus the optimisation of energy management.- something that can be achieved by applying the KNX standard. KNX systems can be used in all types of homes and buildings for many purposes in an efficient way. It is suitable for domestic use, industrial buildings, schools, sports halls etc. KNX is a worldwide home and business control standard offering new products in the market of visualisation, smart metering and active tariff management. KNX can also be used alongside all "green " energy solutions, led lighting, audio/visual & telephones, lift control, sun blind control and security systems. It can even be used along side the technical support of the elderly who wish to continue living in their own homes.  Where KNX systems are installed, the occupiers are infromed about their current energy consumption so that they can use it in the most economical way.  When KNX is used to control and monitor applications, total energy consumption will be reduced. Solutions for an average home include :-

  • lighting control (MECEL) with capacity fro the control of the whole house in zones or as a group.
  • HVAC control with KNX (Intesis) capable of controlling any equipment on the market.
  • touch screeens (JUNG and Zennio) will provide visual dispalys of the house.
  • a GRPS module(Analasuslabs) will allow users to control the system when in the house/building or away from it.
  • Smart Metering devices (which make users aware of wasted energy) and software (Multidomo Networks) fro metering the consumption of enegy, water, gas etc
  • a timer which can be re-configured to suit individual needs and can also be stoppped at any time.

These controls include an integrated thermostat for easier use and integration of HVAC equioment in order to get the best use. It alos allows for the dimming of lighting and optic fiber sensors (which  can be installed in any part of the home/building ) for better night-time signalling. They also allow for different scenarios according to the users needs and full real-time monitoring and recordong of data (temperature, energy consumption, water, gas.....).  Moreover, users can monitor their actual energy use on visual displays and have the opportunity to take action to reduce their consumption whether they are at their home/work or away from it !!